Recreation? Version 2?

I am contemplating recreating the cluster, not only to move it from one network to another also taking a few network hops out of the picture and adding them not only to my main switch but putting them all on a UPS rather then just one of each service set., which in its self would not require recreating the setup but after watching the process usage on the different nodes they don’t use half their available usage which is saying a lot for a raspberry pi.

So version two would make fully redundant usage of each node rather then segregating the two services into two groups of Pis.

Giving each Pi, aside from the haproxy host, the Glusterfs backed Webserver and a clustered database, taking the redundancy from three to six.

I may also add a VM to backup the lot, not in anyway part of the active system but a part of each cluster service to keep a backup of the data.


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